A Brilliant Proposal: Richard and Clare

This proposal might just be one of our favorites! What's more romantic than a love note written in neon? That's right, you heard us - NEON. Need we say more? Read on to find out all the adorable details about this proposal, which was beautifully captured by Mikkel Paige Photography


During our Q+A with Richard, he said of Clare, "She is my heartbeat." And so, a proposal concept was born! 


Clare adores art, so we had an art gallery send her an email invitation for an artist she loves. She mentioned to Richard that she wanted to go and he pretended to know nothing, saying only that it sounded like the perfect way to spend their Saturday morning! 


When they entered the gallery, Clare was at first confused. Instead of art by her favorite artist, there was a neon sign. Richard began to explain that it wasn't just any neon sign, the neon was shaped in his handwriting - a short, sweet sentence about how much she means to him. And with that, Richard dropped to one knee and the rest is history! 


A big thank you to NYC Arthouse and 419Neon for making the magic happen! Congratulations Richard and Clare!