Budget-Conscious Flowers

For most hosts and hostesses, the budget is a huge concern.  When it comes to flowers - don't get discouraged!  Try this idea out:  first, find a florist that will do the arranging and storage only.  Then, order your flowers from an online wholesaler such as Blooms by the Box and have them delivered to your florist.  You'll save a ton of money by purchasing the flowers at a much lower price and you'll still get the professionals do to the arranging!  Still doesn't fit in your budget?  Choose an inexpensive flower and  some vases from garage sales or a dollar store and arrange it yourself!  Our favorite is the Peruvian Lily (also called Alstroemeria) because you can purchase it in so many different colors and it's very budget friendly!  Another suggestion is Gladiolus which gives your flower features beautiful height.  There's always a way to give the impression of a huge floral budget for pennies!

Peruvian Lillies              Gladiolus