Carrie Ann Inaba's Proposal: What He Did Right

In keeping with the high number of marriage proposals in the news, Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With the Stars got engaged while filling in for Kelly Ripa on Live! with Regis & Kelly. Here is my expert opinion on what her fiance, Jesse Sloan, did right:

  1. Make it a Surprise:
  2. like any great engagement, Carrie Ann seemed genuinely surprised about the proposal. It added to the fun & excitement of the moment and truly made it memorable.

  3. Document It: not everyone can propose live on national tv and have a crew of experienced cameramen and producers tracking your every move. But, you should document the moment one way or another - whether it's by setting up your iPhone or Flipcam to record, hiring a photographer to snap photos "paparazzi-style" or by writing down some thoughts in a journal immediately afterwards, you'll want to remember this moment forever.
  4. Have a Ring: seems like a no-brainer, but having some kind of ring (even a toy or candy ring) makes all the difference.

Congratulations to the happy couple - click on the photo to watch the video of the engagement!

Carrie Ann Inaba Proposal Regis Dancing With The Stars

Sarah Pease The Proposal Planner


Photo courtesy of People.