Makeup Wakeup

Before you pick up the phone to call your makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day, there are a few things you should have on-hand:

  1. Number of people getting their hair done - and if they want an all-down style, all updos, or a mixture of everything
  2. Number of people for makeup
  3. Time you need to be done with hair & makeup by (Note: this time should be earlier than when the limo arrives, you need time to get dressed!)
  4. The earliest time you're willing to wake up on your wedding day

Your wake up time and get-dressed time affects whether you'll need one artist (may require getting up at the crack of dawn) or multiple artists who can get things done in half the time. And, be sure to find beauty vendors who will come to your location - adding a stopover at a salon creates more opportunity for forgotten items, traffic problems and running late.

Wedding Hair & Makeup TipsPhoto courtesy of Karin vonVoigtlander.