The Proposal Planner: Michael and Vivian

Vivian, who is from Australia, was on vacation in NYC with her close friend when she received the surprise of a lifetime.  Michael, Vivian's knight in shining armor, traveled from Australia to surprise his princess while she was on vacation and swept her off her feet with this Downtown Cinderella-inspired marriage proposal.  While at their Manhattan hotel Vivian and her friend were asked to take part in what Vivian thought was a creative and edgy fairytale-themed photo shoot, but what she didn't know is that Michael and her friend had secretly arranged the entire thing.  The girls played dress up and took gorgeous photos while they waited for the knight to arrive at the photo shoot.  When Michael, disguised in his suit of armor, arrived and took off his helmet, Vivian's reaction was one of utter shock and pure happiness.  It was truly a fairytale proposal.  Congratulations Michael and Vivian!

Thanks to Blue Daisy Weddings for the fabulous photos and 15 Minutes of Frame for the adorable video that perfectly captures this unique proposal.


Downtown Cinderella

Fairytale Photo Shoot

Engagement Ring

NYC Couple