Sex and the City Marriage Proposal

Hayden asked me to plan a dream marriage proposal for his vivacious girlfriend, Julie. Her day was inspired by her favorite show, Sex and the City. It all started with a knock on the front door.  She had expected to go to the Hamptons for the day for Hayden's work party but instead, she was greeted with a velvet box containing her first clue, and photo of a gold name necklace. Just like Carrie in Sex and the City, she would find her true love when she found her gold name necklace. We whisked her off to Barneys where a personal stylist had pre-selected 10 different shoes for her to choose from.  The next clue, "Sexy for Sexy," brought us to La Perla Lingerie.  The entire second floor was reserved just for Julie and she had her pick of the entire store.  The next stop was a suite at the renowned Standard Hotel.

With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River, she was pampered with hair & makeup in anticipation of a photo shoot. She snacked on Magnolia cupcakes and bubbly and then hopped back into her car.  Before blindfolding her, she read her last clue "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours."  The car pulled away and we drove a winding route through the city.

Upon arriving at her final destination, Julie - still blindfolded - walked right through a major photoshoot and a barrage of paparazzi-style tourists.  When Hayden removed her blindfold, they were within the oak walls of Pierre Cartier's private office at Cartier's Fifth Avenue Salon.  Surrounded by white rose petals, Hayden proposed and Julie said "Yes."  Later that evening, during dinner at Daniel, he handed her the gold name necklace - she found her true love.

Congratulations to Julie & Hayden! Spectacular photos by Mariann of Blue Daisy.

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