The Proposal Planner: Jason and Laura

Jason wanted an intimate and thoughtful proposal, so that's exactly what we gave him.   What could have seemed like a typical day spent popping in and out of shops turned into a truly magical day the moment Jason and Laura stepped foot in an NYC bookstore.  As the couple entered, there was a sea of candles and flowers surrounding a table with a beautiful heirloom dictionary sitting on it.  As Laura inched closer she could see that one word was circled in red- love.  On the table sat a card catalog box as well. Each card inside the box was a card catalog card, but the Dewey decimal numbers were dates that were meaningful to Jason and Laura.  Accompanying the date was a description of why it was important.  When Laura finished reading each heartwarming note, Jason proposed! After she said yes the happy couple popped some bubbly to celebrate their engagement. Congratulations, Jason and Laura!

Love Marriage Proposal

Bookstore Marriage Proposal

Down On One Knee

Engagement Ring

Times Square KissThanks to Zlatko Batistich for the amazing photos.