Client Comments

Molly & Mark

Thank you for putting so much time, energy and heart into our weekend.

So many people were impressed with you; some mentioned they wanted to do their weddings over again and hire you to do it, others simply wanted to take you home with them and have you as their new best friend!

Thank you for so much for making our wedding so special. From the first moments we met, I knew you would be perfect for us...then you went and surpassed my expectations over and over again.

Kerrie mother of the groom

For far too long, and despite having been advised otherwise, I was of the view that we could get by without the services of a wedding planner. How short sighted I was to actually think that somehow a combination of my willingness to be hands-on, together with my experience planning non-profit events, could somehow enable me to do the job of a consummate professional such as yourself.

...And did I mention you have the perfect demeanour? So calm and collected, so pleasant and willing. Please also convey our thanks to your fabulous team each of whom was as professional as she was charming and accommodating. I know they were working hard to make things happen but they never let it be known that their purpose was anything but to please.

It was our great luck as well as delight to have you as an integral part of Adrian and Anna’s wedding event. Thank you for the spectacular job!

Michael & Christin

What can I say? We would have been lost without you. Thank you for holding our hands through this process, and for pushing us when we needed it. Most importantly, thank you for giving us the wedding of our dreams, and for being such a joy to work with during the process.

We are still so amazed at how perfect everything was...and we know how much of that is a result of you (bribing construction workers with lunch?!)  Thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts.

Brenda & Alvin

We want to thank you once more for EVERYTHING! We had such a awesome wedding and your help was so crucial on our big day. Our family and friends have all been telling us how much fun they had and how beautiful everything was.

...Most planners can prepare a task list and plan for you, but Sarah is also very energetic, stylish, cultured, and sweet. She was so relatable that I figured hiring her would be like having a friend plan my wedding without all the risks of actually hiring a friend.

On our big day, Sarah and her very professional team made sure all of our locations were covered, from hotel suites, to the church, and reception venue. They ensured that all the little design details and cultural elements at our venue were perfectly done. In fact, my mom was so impressed by her team's dedication that throughout the day she kept commenting on how hardworking they were. Having her there on our wedding day allowed us to just enjoy ourselves rather than be concerned with logistics and vendors