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The Proposal Planner: Josh and Natalyia

Josh let Natalyia know almost everyday that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He now was ready for that big moment to make it official, and there was no holding back with this one. The proposal started by teaming up with the interactive play, Sleep No More, where Josh was to pop the question at their exclusive rooftop restaurant, Gallow Green (before it was even open to the public!). Natalyia still had no idea, and believed that she was just another individual partaking in this interactive experience. When both of them finally met, they stood on the rooftop  inside an old vintage train car which was surrounded by pages of poetry written by Pabloe Neruda, one of the couple's favorite poet. After getting down on one knee and receiving a yes, the two of them were ushered away in a stunning 1932 Hupmobile to enjoy dinner at Natalyia's favorite restaurant, Daniel's. Josh surprised Natalyia further by having them enjoy dinner in the restaurant's private sky box and was served by the executive chef himself. The next day the couple was off to Greece and France and we couldn't be happier for them. The amazing couple's proposal was featured in the New York Post and on Good Morning America! Congratulations Josh and Natalyia!

New York Post

Good Morning America

Marriage Proposal Details

Down On One Knee

Romantic Marriage Proposal

Engaged Couple

Thanks to Kelly Guenther for the photos!

The Proposal Planner on TLC's Cake Boss

I had an absolutely amazing time planning an unforgettable and super sweet proposal for Mike at the famous Carlo's Bakery of TLC's Cake Boss!  Link to come as soon as it's been published by TLC.

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Savannah Guthrie's Engagement Ring

The Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie is engaged!  Find out more about her engagement to Michael Feldman here.

Savannah Guthrie Engagement Ring

The Proposal Planner Sarah Pease

Photo via Al Roker's Instagram.

Today Show Feature!

If you missed me on The Today Show, here's the clip! Thank you to all the fantastic vendors that made this happen, including the IntrepidPaparazzi Proposals, Brewster High School Marching Band, Kristan Pozzuto, Bill's Flower Market, Abigail Hancock, and The Today Show team!

The Proposal Planner on The Today Show!

I had the pleasure of planning a dream marriage proposal for Marcial and Brynn that appeared on The Today Show!

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On a sunny Friday in September, Marcial and Brynn arrived at the Intrepid Museum on Manhattan's west side dressed in their best.  Marcial told Brynn a decoy story:  his military friend was receiving an award in a ceremony on the Intrepid and invited them as his personal guests. When he added that he signed them up for a tour of the ship beforehand, Brynn didn't suspect a thing! Little did Brynn know that her fellow tour group members were our accomplices, and that the whole group was being trailed by photographers and cameras from The Today Show.


When the tour reached the flight deck, Marcial excused himself to use the restroom. Safely behind the scenes, he changed into a tux and took his hiding spot behind a gigantic marching band from Brewster High School.  The band started their performance with Michael Jackson's Thriller and I'll Be There.  At the end of the performance, they did a swirling formation to reveal Marcial, dressed in full tuxedo with two dozen red and pink roses.  White ribbons were wrapped around the stems of the bouquet, each with a question beginning with "Will you..." The questions held meaning for the couple and there was one for each rose in the bouquet, with a final red ribbon that said "Will you marry me?" As Marcial got down on one knee, the band raised a sign that spelled out "Marry me?" for an added dramatic touch.  To top it all off, after Brynn said "Yes!", her family emerged on the aircraft elevator, holding a banner that said "Mission Accomplished!"

I was so honored to be part of Brynn & Marcial's very special day and very proud to appear on The Today Show!  A big thanks to the happy couple, Marcial & Brynn, and their families, along with the terrific team at the Intrepid, the stellar crew of The Today Show and James and team from Paparazzi Proposals.

The Proposal Planner Sarah Pease

Best TV Marriage Proposals

Tis the season for marriage proposals with Valentine's Day around the corner!  In honor of all of the lucky couples out there, I've compiled a list of the top TV marriage proposals. As you can see, many of them stray from my typical proposal do's and don'ts, but through the magic of TV, all of them are still wonderful and still perfect, because she says yes! 1. Jim & Pam from The Office.  My personal favorite - nothing was perfect and yet it was still perfect.

2. Charlotte & Harry from Sex and the City.  No ring, no plan but all kinds of love!

3. Monica & Chandler from Friends. Proof that the proposal doesn't have to start with the man! Click here for the clip.