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The Proposal Planner: Emad & Bita

I was thrilled to design an incredible proposal for this lovely couple, and especially excited to have it featured on The Huffington Post!  Emad wanted to give Bita a dream marriage proposal, without her guessing the plan. So, I devised a decoy using a fake groupon so as not to arise suspicion. Emad and Bita arrived to a secluded tasting room decorated with hundreds of candles and spring flowers.  Thanks to our cover story, Bita thought their groupon included a blindfolded tasting menu of several dishes. They took turns being blindfolded with Hermes scarves, and had fun guessing which dish they were eating. During dinner the musicians played some of Bita’s favorite songs, while the couple enjoyed dishes inspired by their 3-year relationship.   But, none of this was revealed to Bita until after the meal.

When dessert came, Bita ogled over the crystal serving tray, which was filled with pictures of her closet family and friends. She was so touched that she nearly missed the surprise in her melted chocolate dome - a ring! She realized what was happening as Emad got down on one knee.

As part of his proposal, Emad presented Bita with a keepsake menu and explained that each dish they had sampled was reflective of a special moment in their love story.  The first course was Jamaican because they met while working on the island and the main dish was Persian, a nod to Bita’s grandmother who played a major role in the couple getting together.  And, the lovely Hermes scarves they were using as blindfolds were a special engagement gift to Bita.  Needless to say, she said yes!

Perfect Marriage Proposal Dinner

Food  Inspired Marriage Proposal

Best Marriage Proposal Dinner

Perfect Marriage Proposal

Photos courtesy of Sofia Negron

Romantic Foodie Proposal

When Josh told us that he and his girlfriend were foodies we knew that incorporating a cooking lesson was the perfect way for him to pop the question. With help from Chef Guy at Esprit Events, Ryan from Vivid Wedding Films and Mariann from Blue Daisy Weddings, we pulled off a truly unique and romantic proposal. The best part? She didn't say yes...she said "Absolutely!"