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Alternative Centerpieces: Vegetables

Does your vision for your wedding include non-floral centerpieces? Vegetables have been receiving a lot of attention lately as a unique alternative to floral centerpieces. Stumped about where to start? Artichokes are the most versatile. They work well as candleholders, but when ripe, their deep purple color compliments floral centerpieces beautifully. Longer stemmed vegetables can be used to create unique vases for a fresh spin on bouquets. Even simple baskets of ripe vegetables make eye-catching centerpieces. Check out the photos below for inspiration!

Non Floral Centerpieces

Vegetable Centerpieces

Photo credit: 1. Better Homes and Gardens, 2. Better Homes and Gardens, 3. Weddings by Lilly and 1. Jonathan Kantor via Martha Stewart, 2. Better Homes and Gardens, 3. Martha Stewart.

Drink Calculator for Holiday Parties

If you're hosting a holiday party this season, Evite's drink calculator is a must have! Enter in the number of hours your party will last and the guest count and the drink calculator will tell you how much beer, wine and spirits you'll need.

Extra tip: always buy one extra case of beer or bottle of wine as your ace in hole (or for an after-party drink for yourself!)

Evite Drink Calculator