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Chair Covers

There are very few things that I really dislike, but one of them is hideous chair covers. Most are ill-fitting white covers that require an equally hideous chair tie, ruining the entire look of your decor. Just like shell-shaped napkins and mall bangs, they are totally 80s (in a bad way). Most times I think that the ugly metal banquet chairs would be less of an eye sore because they will at least blend in better. If gorgeous, decorative chair covers like these aren't in your budget, consider renting simple wooden folding chairs.

Glamorus Chair CoverPailettes Chair coverWhimsical Chair Cover

Photos courtesy of Wildflower Linens.

Printed to Perfection

Specialty table linens are a sure-fire way to create a truly unique look for an event, it's the best and easiest way to remove the word "generic" from your guests' vocabulary completely.  We're big believers in table linens in general, and having a printed linen makes the visual impact even more of a statement.

Photo courtesy of Cloth Connection.

Flower Girl Headpiece Alternative

Love the look of a flowery headpiece for your adorable flower girl but can't stomach the price? Check out the lovely headpiece alternative below, courtesy of our friends at 100 Layer Cake. Flower Girl Headpiece

Photo by Garret Grove and James Moes.

Valentine’s Day: Photo Session

Looking for a unique way to surprise your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Kirstin Frazell is offering Valentine's Day mini-sessions in Central Park.  Bundle up and bring along some playful props - a bouquet of red roses or some chocolates to share!  You'll have a blast and get some beautiful shots at one of NYC's most popular backdrops.  For those brides & grooms on a budget, here's your perfect chance to get gorgeous, professional engagement photos at an amazing discount.  Here are all the details:

Kiss Package - $150:  45 minute shoot, 20 digital images, private online gallery, 1 8x10 print and 1 5x7 print

Love Package - $200: 45 minute shoot, 45 digital images, private online gallery,  1 8x10 print, 1 5x7 print and 2 4x6 prints

Kirstin Frazell Photography

Check out more information at Kirstin's website.

A New Option for Something Blue

Here is a stunning new way to add a splash of color to your wedding dress! Ashley of 2BirdStone has created a crinoline-dyeing service for your wedding dress. It's the perfect way to add a little sass and color into your otherwise pristine dress and for a budget-friendly price of $23.

First, you pick a color - perhaps a bright blue for your "something blue" or my favorite - the delicate blush pink. See the full color palette on her Etsy shop. Then, you send her your crinoline... in 5 business days, you have it back in your perfectly dyed hue. Check out these photos of her amazing work!

New York Wedding Style Dyed Crinoline

New York City Wedding Style Dyed Crinoline

Photos courtesy of Shawna Herring Photo via 2BirdStone

Platinum for Pennies: Draping Done Easy

When it comes to event decor, I'm a huge fan of ceiling features like draping. For those DIY hosts/brides out there who have their hearts set on indoor or outdoor draping, check out your local Ikea for an amazing, budget friendly option with these shade sails.  

The Dyning shade costs $25 and you get a great triangular shade that comes complete with hooks and cord to hang it. For an indoor wedding, pick up a few super strong magnets with a built-in hook from Northern Tool at $3 each and clip to the ceiling.  For outdoor decor, string the shade up between trees or lamp posts. It's the perfect touch of drama and really makes the space your own...and all for less than $50!

Shade Sail 

 Photo courtesy of Shaded Nation