The Office & Michael Scott's Proposal: What He Did Right

I confess to being a big fan of The Office.  One time, I even tried to convince one of my wedding clients who met at work that they should have the office theme song as part of their wedding video (not really, but it was a fun idea!). During last Thursday's episode, Michael proposed to Holly in one of the sweetest possible ways. The truth is that the best part wasn't the giant diamond ring (3 years salary?) or the room filled with candles, it was the fact that Michael (and Pam) put real thought and effort into the proposal. Here are the things he did right:

  1. Make it personal.
  2. This is a huge part of a truly remarkable proposal story. By leading Holly through the path of their love story and by proposing in a location that holds meaning for them, he hit a home run.

  3. Have a ring. No question here, any girl would be happy to get that bling on her finger! But, even if it were a ring pop or a toy ring, having something is key.
  4. Surprise her. Even a girl who doesn't like surprises wants to be surprised by her proposal. Confusing, but true. It's sometimes tough to pull off, but if you can you'll both be so happy.

The Office Michael Scott Proposal

The Proposal Planner Sarah Pease

Photo via OKMagazine.