I've been tagged by my stylish & talented CT colleague, Candice from Jubilee Events to share some bits and pieces about myself! Here goes...four things I did today: -Created an inspiration board for a"Havana Nights" corporate party -Reviewed photos for submission to The Knot NYC magazine -Stressed over buying our first house -Talked to one of my best friends about her date tonight!

Four random facts about me:

-Cartagena, Colombia is the most romantic place I've ever been to -My most prized possessions are my journals from when I lived abroad -I recently lost 20 lbs thanks to my great nutritionist Amy Fleishman -No matter how many weddings I do, I still get teary-eyed at each and every one of them!

My turn for tagging!  First is an amazing, superb photographer whose talent is unstoppable and level of care is unmatched: Mariann from Blue Daisy Weddings (and sexy Blue Daisy Boudoir!!), Jessica Ralph because I love her blog and Rachel from One Pretty Thing because I'm always SO impressed at all of the unique things she finds for her posts! Enjoy this picture of Cartagena for your weekend!