Kiss that Cliché Proposal Goodbye!

Hey there love birds, planning on proposing? We at Brilliant Event Planning already showed you how to make your proposals pop,  now let us help you avoid the trap of the dreaded cliché proposal. Here are our Dos and Don’ts for sending you on your way to wedded bliss!  

Do: Prep your man or lady properly

Whether you ultimately decide on bringing your significant other to dinner, or some other special event, it’s important to let them know that you two will be going somewhere special.  We guarantee your significant other will want to look extra spiffy the day they get proposed to, so make sure you accurately set up the situation, without giving anything away!


Don’t: Borrow your Playbook

While every hopeless romantic loves a good RomCom, don’t take the easy way out by copying a scene straight out of a movie or novel.  You want your significant other to feel special on this day, they deserve your own personal design!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.05.14 PM


Do: Do the Unexpected

We guarantee any fianceé-to-be would swoon over a unique proposal tailored just for them, but how about kicking it up a notch?  No one knows your significant other like you do, and now’s the time to prove it!  Think about what they love, what makes them tick, and find a way to incorporate your insider info and you may just catch him or her by surprise.


Don’t: Choose a Touristy Spot

Unless a particular landmark has special significance to the two of you as a couple, leave it out.  Especially in New York, there are thousands of proposals daily at spots like the Empire State Building, Times Square, etc. – save the crowds and choose a romantic scene that you’ve hand-picked.


Do: Have fun!

We know that proposing to your lady or man is a big step in your relationship, and we understand the nerves that come along with it! However, remember that this day is for both of you to start a new journey, focus on the beauty in this big moment and all the pressures will melt away!


For more *brilliant* proposal inspiration, check out Brilliant Event Planning's proposal section on the blog!


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Thank you to Blue Daisy, and Paparazzi Proposals for the beautiful photos!


Crown Jewel: Spotlight on the Royal Mansour Marrakech

Forget the beach and move over Maldives! The new luxe honeymoon destination is here and its name is Morocco. With plenty of sun, culture, and la crème de la crème, Morocco is simply the place to be. And the best part? Morocco is home to the Royal Mansour Marrakech.

This world-class resort, owned by the King of Morocco, is his answer to the frequent question of what it's like to be king. In no way does the king's answer disappoint: all Royal Mansour guests receive a true royal experience, a fact that I can attest to. Just a few weeks ago I visited the property on a press trip and felt like royalty from arrival to checkout.

You could literally spend hours appreciating the exquisite build of the resort itself, starting from the intricate tile work in the main lobby and water-filled courtyard. Gauzy curtains and a sophisticated, contrasting ivory and mahogany palette give way to luxurious monochrome as you make your way towards the pool. The lounge's monochromatic tiling – reminiscent of the Taj Mahal in India – and the intimate outdoor patio – surrounded by lush gardens exclusive to the king’s property – are absolutely exquisite.


Nestled in this architectural wonderland are the resort’s various restaurants. It was tough choosing between all the delectable cuisines available, but I felt completely immersed in the best of Morocco in their Moroccan restaurant.  The tasting menu is an exploration of all that Moroccan cuisine has to offer, and the service was impeccable.

The Royal Mansour wows too in its private quarter offerings: each guest "room" is actually a private riyadh, ranging from one bedroom to four-five bedroom homes, ensuring both intimate stays and family groups are wonderfully accommodated. The perfect Moroccan tea service, local sweets, and the world's most gorgeous bathroom instantly transport you to the lap of luxury when you arrive.

The toughest decision you’ll have to make here? The choice between the rooftop pool in your riyadh (there's one in every riyadh) or the sparkling hotel pool…decisions, decisions. But one thing’s for sure: the Royal Mansour is the perfect decision for the ultimate in romance, intrigue and culture on your honeymoon.