Ask the Expert: Brilliant Advice on Mailing your invitations

Ask the Expert: Brilliant Advice on Mailing your invitations

Today we're answering your top invitation mailing questions - everything from calligraphy to hand canceling (what is that anyway?) and beyond. 

Signature Cocktail & Custom Coaster

The signature cocktail has been on the wedding scene for a while. And, custom drink coasters are one of our favorite ways to add personalization to events. Many times signature cocktails are only announced via signs on either end of the bar and are easily missed. Why not combine the two together for a fantastic hybrid? It's the perfect way to get a little extra mileage out of that adorable cocktail name you came up with while putting a little more 'you' in the day.

Signature Wedding Cocktail Custom Coaster

Photo by Elizabeth Messina via Snippet & Ink.

Winery Wedding Invitations

This creative couple truly had a unique vision for their invitations.  With the help of their talented friend, Nestor, and the design skills of Kayleigh Jankowski, they selected invitations that not only reflect a clever wedding logo (DnA), but that also showcase the elegance and refinement of their day. We can't wait for their July winery wedding!  Printing and paperie courtesy of Cards and Pockets and thanks to Abigail Hancock for the gorgeous calligraphy! Winery Wedding Invitations