Expert Opinion: Getting Everyone Dancing!

Our guest blogger today is Mike Abbate from Skyline Orchestras - one of my favorite live-music performers!  When it comes to having an amazing reception, experience is key.  Read on for his Expert Opinion! Skyline Orchestras 

It's no secret that a great live band puts an affair in a whole different class of its own.  There is one thing that is a common occurance, no matter what type of affair.  When the party is in full swing, you want your guests to be dancing!

We always want to get the party going as soon as possible with dance music.  Sometimes people are shy to be the first ones up and have not had enough to drink quite yet.  In my experience, when people are hesitant to get up and dance, I've learned that changing the pace of the music is the right choice.   A very famous ballad is the key to getting guests dancing every time!  When I say every time, I mean every time I've needed to do this we have seen instant results!  It's magic!  Can you guess the name of that tune?  Hmieucad loyedm (the unscrambled answer is at the bottom)

As a last piece of advice: take the time to come out and see live showcases of your band.  Meet the musicians and singers, and see exactly what you're getting so you can evaluate the group on the spot.  Seeing them in person means no guess work. 

...want to know what the magic song is?  Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers! 

If you're planning a wedding in the New York City area, come and check out Skyline Orchestras!  Not in the NYC area?  Request a DVD of their performances.  Visit their website at