Tiered Invitations: Proceed with Caution

As a general rule, we don’t support tiered invitations but if you MUST do this please heed the following suggestions…

-Do NOT, under any circumstances, put an A/B/C or 1/2/3 on the back of your RSVP cards. Trust me, your guests will spot it no matter how small you write it and will result in hurt feelings. If you must designate them, choose a non-descript symbol, such as a triangle for A, a square for B, and a circle for C…you get the idea.

-Do not publicize that you're doing tiered invites.  That means only you, your future spouse and your wedding coordinator.

-If someone asks about where their invitation is and mentions that someone else already received theirs, it’s ok to tell a little white lie and say you ran out of stamps or the calligrapher got behind, etc. No harm, no foul.