5 Tips for Engagement Pictures

Who better than a professional photographer to give you tips on how to take amazing engagement pictures?  We recently contacted some of NYC's most sought-after photographers for their tips on what to wear in your engagement pictures, how to choose your location and how to be comfortable during your session.

  1. Stick to solid colors, no distracting patterns - perhaps a splash of color but not too much as it will be a distraction. (Casey, Fatchett Photography)
  2. Casual is a plus.  Being able to sit or even lie on the ground can add a variety of shots. (Spencer Lum, 5 West Studios)
  3. Think classic.  You want pictures that you can hang in your home for years to come. (Michael, Michael Meyer Photo)
  4. Even if you want heels for your pictures, bring a pair of flats for walking in between locations. (Mariann, Blue Daisy Weddings)
  5. Don't focus too much on your location, some of the best photos I've done were taken in a parking lot! (Sophia Jasnowski, Fotofia)

The last piece of advice comes from Sophia of Fotofia... "What matters in the shot is YOU, the couple, in love with each other."  Check back on Thursday for some of the photographers' all-time favorite engagement shots!