Canon in D? Again?

If you’ve been to more than one wedding, chances are you know exactly what song I’m talking about.  Pachelbel’s Canon in D is the most requested processional at weddings and it’s used so much any string quartet can play it by heart.  Here are some suggestions for those couples who want to change it up a bit:  Classical: Still want a string quartet?  My favorite is “Meditation from Thais” by Massenet.  The lovely, soaring melody is perfect for a processional and is the perfect alternative to Canon in D.   

Something Spicy: Try the sumptuously romantic Spanish guitar solo “Romanza” by Anon.  This gorgeous piece adds a sense of intimacy and passion to your walk down the aisle. 

Flowerchild Bride: Ask your parents and they’ll agree that “Longer” by the recently departed Dan Fogelberg is the ideal choice.  Easily done with piano and vocalist but can include acoustic guitar and even string quartet/brass. 

Just like the Movies: Pick an easily-recognizable theme from a movie to create a romantic touch.  The Princess Bride theme “Once upon a time…Storybook Love” or an acoustic version of the classic Dirty Dancing “Time of my Life” are two that I suggest.