A Brilliant Wedding: EJ & Mike

We can't stop dreaming about Spring in NYC! Nothing is more perfectly seasonal than an April wedding at the New York Botanical Garden! EJ & Mike set the tone with bright, watercolored, floral invitations. How wonderful must it have been for guests to get this green envelope in their mailboxes in the middle of dreary February?

Watercolor invitation suite.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Watercolor invitation suite. Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

The bride and her ladies spent the morning sipping champagne dressed in bright, floral robes. Sisi Nike and Face the Day gave the ladies their amazing wedding-day glow! They then changed into equally colorful dresses to complement their lush, seasonal bouquets!

Wedding day glamour shot.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Wedding day glamour shot. Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

A colorful, cheery, and happy wedding!  Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

A colorful, cheery, and happy wedding! Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

The couple had their first look surrounded by a sea of bright orange tulips. They then continued around the gardens and took portraits under a rainfall of freshly bloomed cherry blossoms  - it was the epitome of Spring romance!

First look in the tulip garden.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios. 

First look in the tulip garden. Photo by Heartfelt Studios. 

Their ceremony took place under a Chuppah that has been in Mike's family for years and incorporated an heirloom tallit. It was a beautiful tribute to his family's Jewish heritage! The couple also chose to light a unity candle after a beautiful ceremony by Reverend Jeddah Vailakis

Colorful, happy chuppah.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Colorful, happy chuppah. Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Guests were greeted with lush arrangements in peach and yellow tones by Diana Gould. They enjoyed the ever-fabulous catering of Stephen Starr and danced the night away to DJ Benny!

Escort Card Display.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Escort Card Display. Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Tabletop prettiness.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

Tabletop prettiness. Photo by Heartfelt Studios.

At the end of the night, guests were treated to Jars by Dani - a favorite of the bride's! They were even customized with adorable stickers with caricatures of the couple! 

Jars by Dani Wedding Favors.  Photo by Heartfelt Studios. 

Jars by Dani Wedding Favors. Photo by Heartfelt Studios. 

Congratulations, EJ and Mike! Here's to hoping we get some beautiful Spring weather like this soon!

The perfect cherry blossom backdrop!  Photo by Heartfelt Studios. 

The perfect cherry blossom backdrop! Photo by Heartfelt Studios. 

A huge thank you to Heartfelt Studios for the absolutely fabulous images!