Fun Facts about Sarah Glick

As we've said before, we'll be spending a lot of time learning more about you and your partner as we help to plan your marriage proposal or wedding. So, it's only fair to share a bit more about us! Here are top 10 interesting facts about the wonderful Sarah Glick, you can read my top ten interesting facts here.  Surprised by what you see?  Leave a comment below.

1.  I love crime shows - real or fake. The more gore, the happier I am.

2.  I don't own a TV, so I only get to watch things live at the gym. If I had at TV at home, I would be really out of shape.

3.  I hate beach vacations that last longer than a weekend.

4.  Used book stores are a constant distraction for me. I love the smell and feel of old books. Sometimes I even buy really old books and then never read them.

5. Wine, cheese, coffee, and chocolate are all fast track ways to my heart

6.  I am bad at all sports - love watching them, but I am way safer on the bench than on the field. However, I am a complete sucker for all fad exercise classes and hiking/climbing.

7.  Misha and I have a weekend tradition of trying new bakeries - generally this means 1 almond croissant, 1 chocolate croissant, and one new baked good. I then like to try to figure out a recipe for the new one - baking is my second passion.

8.  I'm currently learning Russian.

9.  I have a serious case of Wanderlust. If I won the lotto, I would quit my job (sorry!) and travel to every country.

10.  Morning sing-a-longs are an essential part of my daily routine. My guilty pleasure music is anything from the 90s and any genre of music that has an unexpected rap verse.


Sarah Glick in Italy.

sarah glick