Fun Facts about Sarah Pease

Since you'll be sharing a ton about you and your partner over the coming weeks and months, you might be curious to learn a little bit more about us, so here are 10 fun facts about me. You can learn more about Sarah Glick here. Surprised by what you see?  Leave a comment below.

1. I'm fluent at a native level in Spanish. People ask me what country I'm from, not where I learned it.

2. When I was a freshman in college, I worked as a bank teller and was held up at gunpoint.

3.  A silly pet peeve is extra time left on the microwave. I also dislike sharing food.

4. I'm a classically trained violinist and pianist. Classical music is what I listen to when I want to relax.

5. My passport will tell you that I've traveled to over 25 countries in the past five years.  I've lived in 5 countries on three continents.

6.  I'm an insatiable learner. I devour books (and am a scary-fast reader), podcasts and magazines and am a big believer that you can always improve.

7. Presidential politics, Native American history, small business tips and wine are just a few of the topics that I'm constantly learning about. I do enjoy a good Bossypants/Chelsea Handler type of book from time to time, too.

8. I can dance some serious salsa. New York Style is my least favorite.  "On one" is my default and my absolute favorite is a style that originated in Cuba called Rueda de Casino. It involves learning hundreds of unique spins and is typically done in a group with a caller, similar to square dancing. You can see what it looks like here.

9. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I'm a terrible cook, but a great eater.

10. For the past few years, I've been dedicating time to the wedding industry charity, Wish Upon a Wedding, which gives weddings to couples facing life-threatening illness. I serve on the National Board as National Marketing Chair and on the New York Board as Wish Coordinator Chair.

My husband, Cass, and I after finishing a half marathon.

half marathon