The Proposal Planner: John and Regina

After being a part of the Brilliant Event Planning team for 6 years we couldn't have been more excited to plan John's proposal to Regina! And, I'll be honest, it was very nerve wracking planning such an important moment for someone who has been such a vital part of my team for so long. John's proposal was shaped around a very specific date and time because he would be proposing on the 200 millionth second of the couple being together.  To add to the theme of the night, John choose to propose from the rooftop of a Greenwich Village restaurant that has a stunning view of a neighboring clock tower.  Being a part of the Brilliant Event Planning team, Regina thought she was coming to set up a proposal. Little did she know, it was her own! When Regina arrived at the restaurant she was sent straight to the roof to check on a problem with the proposal.  As Regina stepped out on the roof, a guitar began to play.  It took her a few seconds to notice the candle-lit path and John waiting under a glistening arch.  There, beneath the light of the clock tower, John proposed on their 200 millionth second together.  The couple celebrated their engagement with an intimate dinner at Rosemary's.  Waiting on their table was a golden box filled with origami butterflies John had hand folded and an engraved pocket watch with the date of their engagement.

Congratulations John and Regina!










Thanks to Craig Warga for the beautiful photos!